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EDS - From Raw Data to Valuable Information

10 February 2012
Based on a wish to improve food safety and ensure high product quality, the first Portuguese wholesale supermarket chain certified in HACCP Recheio Cash & Carry, decided to implement Danfoss Electronically Delivered Services (EDS) in 35 stores.

Today, they benefit from temperature monitoring, easy access to HACCP reports and not least alarm notification via web in case of deviations or malfunctions. Consequently, store personnel no longer waste time on identifying problems in the refrigeration system as raw data is turned into useful knowledge in no time.

Make Your Savings Sustainable Through Professional Monitoring

Keeping track of what is going on in your store is one of the most efficient ways to sustainable savings – and to peace of mind. Because when you are always updated on temperature deviations and system malfunctions you need never worry about operational stability and food safety.

Electronically Delivered Services (EDS) comprises five unique Danfoss service offerings:

• Monitoring Services & Dashboard
• Alarm Notification Services (Host & Post)
• Energy Information System (EIS)
• Baseline/Benchmarking/Reporting (BBR)
• Continuous Commissioning Process (CCP)

Based on years of experience with monitoring and controlling temperature, energy consumption and a wide range of operational parameters in refrigeration systems, the services enable optimisation of overall store performance.

Operational stability
Access Danfoss system controller data for a user-friendly overview of operations to make sure that all equipment is running efficiently.

Food safety
Set up Temperature Quality Reports (TQR), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Temperature Quality Index reports (TQI).

Energy savings
Benefit from benchmarking reports on energy usage to compare store performance and identify where improvements can be made.

All services are operated online and can be set up remotely. As a customer you receive a unique user name and password that allow you to access your store data via the web from any computer anywhere in the world. And the benefits are obvious. By upgrading your refrigeration system with Danfoss’
Electronically Delivered Services you will be able to not only cool and control in the most efficient way but to also cut back on energy consumption and make the results sustainable.

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