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AKS 4100/4100U

AKS 4100/4100U Experience a Whole New Level of Flexibility and Accuracy

Experience the new AKS 4100/4100U Radar Liquid Level Sensor introducing the proven TDR technology (Time Domain Reflectometry) fully adapted to the Industrial Refrigeration segment and ensuring reliability and high accuracy.

Due to the very easy on-site adjustment procedure, with
AKS 4100/4100U you will experience significant time
savings during installation.

The AKS 4100/4100U can be used with all non-flammable
refrigerants - including ammonia and CO2. The AKS 4100/4100U are available in cable versions and coaxial versions, with or without HMI display unit and in various lengths.
All sensors in the new AKS 4100/4100U family are easy to install and fully flexible. No on-site calibration is needed, and the probe length can easily be adjusted on site.

AKS 4100/4100U in a cable version is suitable for most commonly used refrigerants, including R717(ammonia), HCFC, HFC and non corrosive gases/liquids except CO2, and differing lengths from 800 mm(31.5 in.) and up to 5000 mm (197 in.).

The coaxial version of AKS 4100/4100U is designed for use with CO2. It can also be used for all other appoved commonly used refrigerants.

Award Winner
At the China Refrigeration Expo 2012 the AKS 4100 (U) sensor competed with 104 products from more than 40 companies for the Innovation Award and came out on top as the winner of the competition. Read more about the award by clicking the link below.

CAD Drawings
CAD drawings are now available via product catalogue on code number level. You can find them via the below link “AKS 4100/4100U Product Range” and then click on the relevant code number. From there you will have an option in the top right hand section to select “CAD Symbols”.
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