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Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® - World Leader in Adaptive Refrigeration Controls

11 September 2011 | Author: Ejnar Luckmann, Carsten Glud Andersen
Today more than 50.000 supermarkets are installed with ADAP-KOOL® control systems including more than 1.500.000 AKVs! This pulse width modulating expansion valve has for many years been the leading electronic expansion valve in the market and together with ADAP-KOOL® you get an optimum refrigeration system for your supermarket.
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When Danfoss launched ADAP-KOOL® back in 1987 it was the first adaptive (self-learning) superheat control in the refrigeration industry. Based on the Minimum Stable Superheat signal (MSS) which was discovered by the Danfoss refrigeration laboratory, a new adaptive superheat control algorithm was invented and implemented in Danfoss controllers like the AK-CC 550.

With the present 4´th generation of the intelligent software algorithm, also optimised to control CO2 electronic expansion valves, ADAP-KOOL® addresses the requirements from food retailers to ensure:
  • Highest possible food quality
  • Robust and reliable control
  • Lowest possible energy consumption
  • Sustainable savings by adaptive (self-learning) control functions

AK-CC 550 and AKV
Lowest Possible Energy Consumption
In supermarkets up to 50% of the total energy spent is typically due to refrigeration!

By means of adaptive superheat control and electronic expansion valve (EEV) technology it has been possible to save up to 30% of energy compared to traditional thermostatic expansion valves (TXV). The savings are achieved by a better utilisation of the evaporators as well as the possibility to decrease condensing pressure and by increasing suction pressure.

Rules of Thumb:
  • For every 1°C decrease in condensing temperature (tc) approximate 2-3% of energy can be saved
  • For every 1°C increase in the suction temperature (to) approximately 2-3% of energy can be saved
This is Illustrated in the Refrigeration Cycle:

Highest energy savings can be achieved by floating condensing pressure, suction pressure optimisation and adaptive defrost which are inventions that can only be fully utilised when applied together with adaptive superheat control and electronic expansion valves.
Proven Technology - Proven Pay Back
Ever since the introduction of ADAP-KOOL® refrigeration controls systems a number of tests have been carried out world-wide to verify that performance corresponds to our customers’ expectations. In a comparison test in Edeka Germany two identical supermarkets were equipped with different Danfoss controllers:

  • The first was equipped with basic Danfoss electronic refrigeration controls and thermostatic expansion valves (red columns)
  • The second was equipped with Danfoss adaptive controls and electronic expansion valves type AKV (green columns)

Blue line illustrates savings in percent by applying ADAP-KOOL® and AKV (scale to the right)

The Blue line illustrates savings in percent which were 24% or 79.929 kWh/year in 2006. With an additional cost of EUR 14.000 for the ADAP-KOOL® solution (second supermarket) the pay back time will only be 1.9 years by an energy price of EUR 0.10 per kWh!