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Industrial Automation Newsletter

Keep informed with the Danfoss Industrial Automation Newsletter

26 November 2007
The Danfoss Industrial Automation monthly newsletter keeps you in the loop. The newsletter contains all you need to know about developments in this dynamic sector – from details of new products and customer reviews to tips and advice on meeting governmental regulations.

All you need to know on a monthly basis

We all know what’s it like to be bombarded with electronic information – and it’s time consuming to weed the relevant items from the irrelevant. The monthly Danfoss Industrial Automation Newsletter saves you the hassle. We compile all the information that you need to keep up to date with the latest developments at Danfoss. And we keep it short, sharp and to the point.

With four to six articles in each newsletter, you can easily and quickly stay informed about what’s happening. Topics range from information about new products and customer specific solutions, to customer reviews of how Danfoss rates as a supplier. There’s also advice on how to ensure you can meet market and government regulations.

At Danfoss Industrial Automation, we manufacture the following products:

  • Industrial valves
  • Pressure and Temperature Sensors
  • Pressure and Temperature Switches
  • Contactors and Motor Starters

For use in the following industries:
Industrial Automation Newsletter
  • Marine and Power Generation
  • Air and Gas Systems
  • Heating, Ventilation and Sanitation
  • Hydraulic
  • Vacuum
  • Petrol vending
and many more

So if you’re involved in these industries and interested in the above products, our newsletter is for you.

Because Danfoss is a global company, the Industrial Automation Newsletter also contains important information on both local initiatives and international trends – so you can stay on top of developments at Danfoss no matter where you are.

Sign up for the Danfoss Industrial Automation newsletter today using the link below. Or, if you require a weekly update on what’s happening at Danfoss, visit the Danfoss Industrial Automation news page for the latest information and offerings from Danfoss.      

By Malene Hehr Westergaard, Marketing Coordinator


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