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Temperature sensors for hydraulic applications

Temperature Sensors

Nowhere is the packaging of temperature sensor more important than in off-highway equipment applications. Today, we offer a versatile range of high quality temperature sensors for a multitude of applications, featuring three sensing technologies: RTD, NTC and PTC
RTD elements (Resistance Temperature Detectors) – either Pt 100 or Pt 1000 – are accurate, stable and cover a broad temperature range. Additionally, Danfoss RTD temperature sensors offer fast response times thanks to innovative design, replacing the traditional ceramic element with a thin-film element in a built in construction.

NTC’s are thermistors with Negative Temperature Characteristics while PTC’s are thermistors with Positive Temperature Characteristics. Both thermistor types are well suited for use with customized controllers and meet demands for sensors in large quantities.

The thermistor is able to detect minute changes in temperature, due to the fact that the negative temperature characteristics can be as large as several percent per degree Celcius.
Irrespective of your applications and technological requirements, Danfoss is capable of meeting your demands with a versatile range of standard temperature sensors as well as customized sensors designed according to your specifications.

OEM Temperature Sensor Program

  • Versions with integrated plug or cable available
  • Various sensor elements available (RTD, NTC, PTC)
  • Robust, high protection against moisture
  • Fixed measuring insert
  • Brass or stainless steel
  • Low response times
  • Current or voltage output version