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Campaign site for AHQM valve

AHQM valve - Perfect Control, Perfect Performance!

11 November 2009
Danfoss introduces new multi-functional control valves with integrated differential pressure controller and flow limiter.

The valves, type AHQM and AHPBM-F, are extremely compact and are perfectly suited for the demands in micro heating networks and low temperature district heating and cooling systems.

Significant benefits of the AHQM controller

The Danfoss AHQM/AHPBM-F control valves enable you to make fast installation and trouble-free commissioning of the heating/cooling network. In operation they optimize the system to give maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption.
  • Simple valve selection
  • One product - multiple applications
  • Increased comfort and lifetime
  • Low installation and commissioning cost

We have created a campaign site in order to present all the details and benefits regarding these two product types to you - follow the links below for more detailed product information.

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