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Stock maintenance & consignment

DrivePro™ stock maintenance & consignment programme provides two variants of stock properties. 

Danfoss ensures the best choice of equipment is present at the stock.

Two variants of stock:  
  1. Stock Maintenance
     A customer owned supply stock will be established - or
  2. Consignment Stock
     A Danfoss owned supply stock within the customer's facilities will be established.

Danfoss offers advice as of which spares to keep and how to ensure downwards compatibility.

Defective devices are automatically repaired. Customers pay for material and repair.

It is recommended to combine this DrivePro™ stock maintenance and consignment coverage with DrivePro™ repair flat rate service solution coverage.

DrivePro™ service products are designed to be customised and combined.

About us

With our Vision and Core Values as foundation, Danfoss lives up to the expectations being a responsible world citizen.
This is deeply rooted in our history and culture and it shall be reflected in the way we carry out our daily business.

Danfoss' relationship with all stakeholders shall be characterised by trust. We are, of course, aware that trust must be earned through our actions and corporate reputation.