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VLT® drives control energy consumption at LEGOLAND®

After installing VLT frequency converters, LEGOLAND has reduced the energy consumption of the Vikings River Splash ride by 190,000 kWh per season.

1.5 MW VLT® drives provide water without the need of active cooling

The purchasing price is not the important factor in selecting the right components of a pumping station. Only the total cost of ownership matters, including the power supply energy costs. TMVW - the East Flanders water
company - therefore selected VLT® drives.

VLT® AQUA Drive provides clean water for the biggest coalmine in Colombia

VLT® AQUA Drive handles the water supply for the Drummond coalmine better, more energy efficiently and economically than PLC controlled on-off operation.

40 % energy saving in Colombian wastewater pumping station

Facing strong competition, Danfoss managed to secure an order for 26 VLT® HVAC Drives for a weightlifting auditorium in Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium Complex in New Delhi, India.  The auditorium is being built for the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in 2010.

Reliable snow over Östersund Biathlon Stadium

As part of an extensive renovation to bring Östersund stadium up to date for the Biathlon World Cup, Areco Snowsystem AB, one of the largest manufacturers of snow
guns in the world, as installed a VLT AQUA Low Harmonic Drive.

High Power Drives for Vineyard

High Power VLT® AQUA Drives supply the vertical turbine pumps for two main water supply wells at Seven Hills Vineyards in Milton Freewater, Oregon. The two main water supply wells consist of one 250 kW vertical turbine pump and one 630 kW vertical turbine pump. The 250 kW pump can deliver water to the east and middle ponds, while the 630 kW pump can deliver water to all three ponds. Both pumps were supplied with VLT® Aqua Drives.

New Zealand irrigation control company up-grades to VLT® AQUA Drive

Initial apprehension to give-up VLT® 8000 changed to enthusiasm as Nairn Electrical tested the new VLT® AQUA Drive.

Compact and high performing VLT® AQUA Drives for Northumbrian Water

The first of Danfoss’ new generation, high efficiency, high power FC series drives to be sold have been supplied to Northumbrian Water’s Lumley Water Pumping Station in the North East of England.

VLT® Advanced Soft Stop prevents water hammering

In Norðurbakki in Hafnarfjörður – a town of 24,000 people within in the Reykjavik area in Iceland - VLT® Soft Starter MCD 3000 eliminated severe water hammer problems in the waste water plant.

VLT® drives make 70 billion litres of Sydney's wastewater drinkable

Authorities in Australia hope to recycle 70 billion litres of Sydney's wastewater every year by 2015 - and Danfoss is playing a key role in helping them hit this ambitious target.

VLT® drives lasted 30 years - at least

When, in 2006, Preben Thøgersen changed its VLT® 5 drive for a new and more powerful VLT® drive, it had been in continuous operation for 28 years, only interrupted by a fuse that blew one Friday afternoon.

VLT® control for fresh water production pays back in two years

Variable speed control instead of valve damping pays back in only two years for the waterworks in Havnbjerg, Denmark. The works supply about 250 families and two farms with fresh water.

Danfoss Drives keep Espoo water flowing

Espoo is Finland’s second largest city, with over 200,000 inhabitants, and relies largely on Danfoss drives for its water supply. Espoo Water has 140 Danfoss drives, including VLT®5000, VLT®6000 and VLT®8000 AQUA models, located in three potable water plants, one waste-water plant and numerous booster stations.

VLT® Aqua Drive reduces energy consumption to more than 50%

When the engineers of Laguna Water District were designing the control system of new pumping stations, they decided to use VLT® drives.

After this first initial installation and after the savings in energy cost was confirmed, three more Danfoss VLT 8000 were installed: at the Lamot II Pump Station, Maahas Pump Station and most recently, at the VEGA Pump Station.

Danfoss VLT® 8000 improves reliability at power station

Cockenzie, a 1200 MW coal-fired power station, employs slurry pumps to convey the coal ash and fly ash. The hydraulic drive units and gearboxes were a problem due to high maintenance cost.

The easiest answer, frequency converter driven motor, directly coupled to the slurry pump.

The system runs for up to 16 hours per day, also with a 38% reduction in energy costs.

Acheron Valley Irrigation now relies on Danfoss VLT® AQUA and MCD Technology

Danfoss Drives supplies VLT® 8000 Aqua High Power Drives and VLT® Soft Starters for irrigation pump control in the Acheron Valley Irrigation project in Greece.     

Danfoss Drives for renovation of Athens potable water treatment plants

To cater for the growing Athens Metropolitan area population and the vast influx of tourists to Attica every summer, a complete restructuring of the Athens water treatment plants has been initiated and will continue on to 2020, targeted to cater for 1,000,000 m3 /day during the dry season.

VLT® drives 20 irrigators and supplies irrigation water for 100 farms

Danfoss secured this order, which includes four 200 kW VLT® 8000 AQUA Drives for regulating the pressure and three VLT® Softstarters of 220 kW for the pumps in cascade. The main reason for this was the confidence Danfoss has gained over the years with the company OUVRARD, especially because of the service proximity (before and after sale) and the quality of the drives.
Danfoss World of Water

Water & Wastewater

Danfoss Drives' unequalled experience was used to make the VLT® AQUA Drive the perfect match for all AC motor driven applications in modern water and wastewater systems.

Water and wastewater is a global business area for Danfoss Drives and you will find our dedicated sales and service staff all over the world 24 hours a day.

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