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Danfoss Drives Global Training

Danfoss keeps its staff updated to the latest technologies in field of drives. So that our customers are served by the best. The Global Training Team at Danfoss Drives A/S provides Danfoss employees worldwide with training within:

  • Products
  • Applications
  • Commissioning
  • Service

Training for Customers / Partner companies

Danfoss also provides training for its customers and partner companies. Customers can request training on Danfoss products by contacting their local subsidiary company. 

Training is available within:

  • VLT principles
  • Dimensioning
  • Programming
  • Service

Interactive Training
Danfoss has developed a multimedia course to provide online training on the basics of frequency converters.

Committed to sustainability

Danfoss Drives is dedicated to manufacturing advanced energy-saving products that improve quality of life while contributing to a safer and cleaner environment. To secure sustainability in all our product development and manufacture, the three pillars on which we base our aim to build a better world are:

  • Energy savings
  • Environmental responsibility 
  • Social responsibility