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Danfoss VLT Drives Lift Escalator Crane

VLT® Lift Drive – Elevated Confidence

The Danfoss VLT frequency converter is known as one of the most innovative and reliable drives worldwide. The outstanding quality standards and performance of our drives make them perfect for the demanding elevator and escalator market.
Danfoss VLT Drives Maabjerg BioEnergy

150 VLT®  drives help producing green energy

Maabjerg BioEnergy in Holstebro, Denmark, has established itself as a world leader in the production of environmentally friendly and sustainable energy. 150 VLT drives helps the plant achieve its efficiency goals.
Danfoss VLT Drives FCM 106 decentral motor mounted

VLT® DriveMotor FCP 106 and VLT® DriveMotor FCM 106 

With integrated fan, pump and basic industry features, including VVC+ motor control, the new VLT® DriveMotor is a space saving, efficient alternative to drive solutions in the 0.55-22 kW range.

VLT® Energy Box Software 

Accurately calculate how much energy you can save using our VLT frequency drives in your HVAC pump, fan and cooling tower applications.
There is a new version of our free VLT Energy Box software available to do these calucations for you. 
Danfoss VLT drives frequency drive converter vfd energy saving energysaving efficient co2 emission reduction flexconcept

VLT® FlexConcept - energy-efficient, flexible and reliable drive solutions for the future

Modern manufacturing regimes need higher efficiency, more flexibility and greater reliability - all necessary to reduce manufacturing costs.

To meet those needs, Danfoss VLT Drives has developed the VLT FlexConcept.
Danfoss vlt drive frequency converter vfd software communication mct 10 mct10

Try the Motion Control Tool MCT 10 software

The MCT 10 software enables you to connect your VLT frequency drive to your pc or laptop. To check and upload settings, but also to collect real-time data from your drive and to monitor your drive system.

The Basic version of the MCT 10 software is free to use.
Danfoss VLT drives innovation centre Bruchsal Germany food beverage packaging

Danfoss Innovation Centre for F&B and Packaging

With the establishment of the Danfoss Innovation Centre for Food & Beverage and Packaging, Danfoss has intensified its focus on F&B and packaging applications along with those for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. 
In this new centre, Danfoss has concentrated its knowledge base on the sector’s needs for hygiene, energy efficiency, reliability and precise operation in demanding conditions.
Danfoss VLT drives frequency exhibition fair

Exhibitions & Fairs

Meet the Danfoss drives experts, learn the latest developments, technology and trends, see our latest products and discuss your projects with us.

Learning is Earning

Your free access to training anytime, from anywhere
Danfoss VLT drives frequency energy saving energysaving energieefficient efficient co2 reduction emission social media twitter facebook youtube

Receive our information the way you want it

Do you want us to keep you informed about our products on Twitter, or do you prefer Facebook. Or do you want to receive our e-mail newsletter to be informed.
Danfoss VLT drives energy saving ECplus

Increase Efficiency - Save Energy

A key factor for energy savings in building services is the use of variable speed drives for compressors, pumps and fans.

There are two decisive factors here: the efficiency of the motor (and the machine) and the energy efficiency of the application control.

Because of their high efficiency, the use of motors with permanent-magnet rotors is increasing. Motors with this technolocy are know as 'EC motors' in the HVAC sector.

To allow the users to benefit from the high motor efficiency of EC technology in all areas, Danfoss has refined its tried and tested VVC+ algorithm - as used in the VLT frequency drives - and optimised it for operating PM motors.