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A Leader in Drives Solutions

VLT® electronic drives control speed, torque, acceleration, synchronization, positioning and overall performance of AC motors. Combined with geared motors, variable frequency drives enable unsurpassed efficiency and energy savings.
Danfoss Drives provide highly customised, user friendly, reliable and high motor control – manufactured, tested and shipped within 2 hours.

Intelligent set-up

Due to experience and deep application knowledge Danfoss Drives have developed reliable and user-friendly solutions to meet any customer’s need for performance and functionality.

Modular designs promote fast development, unsurpassed flexibility and throughput mass customisation.

Sun never sets

Danfoss Drives sales and service organisation is present in more than 100 countries around the world to provide, commission and service drive solutions. Persons familiar with your business, applications, culture and language are at your service around the world - around the clock.

The world’s first mass produced drive

The electronic parts were embedded in oil for insolation and cooling. The name of the drive was derived from ”velocity control”. For a short period the name vas ”Velotrol”, which since has been abbreviated further to VLT® – now the brand name for Danfoss Drives electronic motor controls.