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Danfoss Inc.

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Danfoss Inc.
Unit 2A, 5548 Osmeña Highway
San Isidro, Makati City
Philippines 1234

Tel.: +63 (2) 9882688
Fax: +63 (2) 845 1126


Danfoss is a global company that sells products and related services all over the world in an international network of sales companies, agents and distributors. The Group's production facilities are located at 59 factories in 21 countries, which complements our desire to be closer to our customers.

We are aware that globalisation is not about conquering the world, but becoming a natural part of the world. This is achieved by understanding and appreciating the cultures Danfoss operates in and at the same time seeking to make our own values understood. To the employees this means that Danfoss values local customs and cultures, while to the customer it means that Danfoss is present where needed - as local support, but also as a global player who can take on any challenge.