Executive Committee
> Niels B. Christiansen
> Kim Fausing
> Jesper V. Christensen

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Executive Committee

Niels B. Christiansen , President, Chief Executive Officer Kim Fausing, COO

Danfoss has set clear business goals for the coming years. Good leadership is vital if they are to be reached. Good leadership also means communicating clearly what the values and goals of Danfoss are and supporting the employees in our organisation.

From left: Niels B. Christiansen, Chief Executive Officer; Kim Fausing, Chief Operations Officer; Jesper V. Christensen, Chief Financial Officer.

About Us

With our aspiration, promise and behaviour as foundation, Danfoss lives up to the expectations being a responsible world citizen.
This is deeply rooted in our history and culture and it shall be reflected in the way we carry out our daily business.

Danfoss' relationship with all stakeholders shall be characterised by trust. We are, of course, aware that trust must be earned through our actions and corporate reputation.